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Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
Member of the C.M.A.

As a mother of two teenagers, wife, business owner and dog owner, I understand how hectic life can become. Sometimes looking after ourselves and our health is difficult!

The Whitsundays has been our home for the past 12 years. The natural health industry has always been an area of interest for me and a strong desire to be part of it.

My own health journey is always evolving. I am a believer in slow, consistent steps that can form lifetime habits. I am human too and certainly am not immune to the odd sweet craving or lazy day watching netflix!

Nutritional Medicine combines a holistic and clinical approach to health and wellbeing. Holistic being that we approach the body and its systems as a whole interconnecting network, clinical in that we incorporate current and evidence based research and methods into our treatment.

How will it work?

Your first consultation is a thorough review of your current and past health, diet and lifestyle factors (that's why we need a whole hour!). Some testing may be recommended for digging deeper. An individualised treatment plan will be formulated and sent out to you in the following days. Any supplements if required will be individually prescribed.

Testing Available (tests additional cost)
Food Intolerance Testing

Stool Analysis and digestive health - GI Mapping, Microbiome

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

DNA testing

Areas of interest - but not limited to!

Digestive Health

Hormone health - reproductive, thyroid conditions

Cardiovascular and metabolic - diabetes, cholesterol, etc

General Health and well being

Adrenal Health and Fatigue

Please send me an email with your questions.

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