Roger Kosakiewicz
Remedial Masseur & Myotherapist
Specializing in Chronic and Acute Musculoskeletal Disorders

I began my study in 1991 at the Victorian school of Massage and Physical Culture and did several post graduate courses with Olympic Park Sports Medicine amongst others in Melbourne and have always chosen the most reputable educational courses available. I did this till 1999 before going back to my other passion, my trade. After 6 years in my trade I sustained a severe accident and injury and by 2009 went back to my massage career and reinstated my Certificate IV in Massage Diploma and Advanced Diploma/Myotherapy in Massage at M.I.M.T. Melbourne

My Qualifications come from the best schools and lecturers that I could source to attain a sound clinical understanding of how the body functions and only use techniques that most benefit my clients needs. ​

Treating clients of all ages with pain or injury of any kind is what I do best and what gives me the most satisfaction is being able to help those that think there ailments may no longer be improved having treated various sports people wishing to better their performance or the worker or mother who just wants to get back on with their daily life with ease. Beginning with a medical history and physical assessment to target the cause of the presenting ailment/s and choose the appropriate treatment is essential to resolve a clients issues to a speedy recovery.

Clients can expect instant results needing 2-6 consultations with improvement each time .unless there condition needs further investigation by other Health Practitioners.

My expectations for improvement are always greater than my clients .


M.E.T. - This is a gentle osteopathic technique to Align and balance Spinal Hip and Limb Foot Corrections .This stops any muscles from guarding free range of movement.

Myo-Fascial Release M.F.R. - This is the Connective Tissue that wraps around our whole body muscles and to the bones. It has memory and when treated restores posture and releases tension among other things internally

Connective Tissue Manipulation - C.T.M. - This is the physical manipulation of muscle and connective tissue it releases multiple tissues and can give instant better range of motion pain relief and function.

Trigger Points Tr.Ps - Pressure applied to over active or laten points in muscles or fasciaReflexology - Feet & Hand points related to head aches and organ body function.

Dry Needleing - Generally applied to TrPs to relax restore and resolve muscle pain and referred pain.Remedial/ Sports/ Massage - For those who just want a decent deep tissue massage and no structural realignment.

Joint Mobilisation - Generally is part of most treatments with limb dysfunction (Hips Ankles Knees Shoulders) and part off most treatments

.Cupping - The treatment of cupping to draw on fascia trigger points body stagnation.